So Long 305… Hello 645

Samantha Elkins, News Editor

305 — the famous South Florida area code, connotes the beach — delicious food and sunny skies. Some might even say it is one of the most well-known area codes in the United States,  so why might South Florida phone numbers soon start with 645 instead?

In 1947, area codes were established in accordance with the Numbering Plan Areas to replace the outdated practice of manually transferring phone calls through a system. Before phone lines and telephones became widely established, many states had one area code for the whole state. As phone lines became more popular, however, more people began getting a telephone. 

Area code 305 (as well as area code 786) encompasses Miami-Dade County and some parts of Monroe County. Everyone who lives in those respective areas receives one of these two area codes. In recent years, South Florida has experienced a massive population increase, depleting the amount of phone number combinations available. To combat this issue, area code “645” has been assigned to Miami-Dade and Monroe counties. 

While it is sad that 305 merch, “Mr. 305” songs and references to area code 305 in pop culture may become a relic of the past, it is more important to note how South Florida’s steadily increasing population may negatively impact local South Floridians.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands flocked to Miami to escape the cold weather and bask in the Florida sunshine. Due to this, the average prices of homes in Miami increased by 27.3% in 2021, making Miami the most unaffordable housing market in the United States. More people also means more traffic, longer lines at Publix and an increase in prices. 

On a positive note, to those who fear losing their beloved 305 number: do not worry. Those with existing 305 phone numbers will be able to keep them, but a new area code may be assigned if one changes their phone service. The new area code activates once all possible 305 numbers run out, which the Florida Public Service Commission estimates will occur in 2024.