Should Political Masks Be Allowed in School?

Camilla Bondy, Multimedia Video Editor

2020 has definitely been a chaotic year, with continuous curve balls thrown our way. Major events continue to occur one after another. While facing the most prevalent issue in American politics, the presidential election, I believe people have the right to wear their political masks in school.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Although I might not agree with someone’s political view, they should still have the opportunity to make their voices heard. With the election results, people have grown more vocal than ever. 

People have started to express their opinions through political apparel, and I do not see this as a problem. The pandemic has caused masks to become a big part of our daily life. Therefore, in these times, people wear political masks as an alternative way to make themselves heard.

Just like anyone can wear political shirts, pants or jackets without being told they are doing something wrong, they should have the option to wear masks portraying their political party or opinions as well. 

Even if one fears that the faculty or their fellow classmates may bear a different opinion than them, they should not feel intimidated. If someone wants to wear a political mask, they should have enough pride to not care what others think. 

Just because someone does not agree with someone else’s views, it does not mean they should not voice their opinions. If I were allowed to wear a political mask, I would definitely support my political party.

While wearing political masks could cause conflicts between friends/classmates, everyone should learn to respect someone else’s opinion. I firmly believe everyone has the right to have their own opinions and should be allowed to wear political masks.