Seniors Vote on Superlatives, Choose Winners

Nicole Markus, Editor-in-Chief

Miami Palmetto Senior High seniors recently had the opportunity to vote on superlatives in 22 categories, with 44 total winners. There were two rounds of voting; the first one determined the nominees with the second determining the winners in each category. The following are the superlative winners for each category:

Most Athletic:

Cahron Rackley

Makayla Gardener

Most Likely to be President:

David Spiegelman

Mia Bermudez

Most Likely to Succeed:

Corey Collier

Mia Bermudez

Most Comedic:

Jake McCreary

Ella Sleeman

Most Talkative:

Ryan Borum

Shayna Lehman

Most School Spirit:

Darren Chen

Alexys Arias

Most Talented:

Sam Zelaya

Bella Stoffle

Biggest Trendsetter:

Jah’mal Lapomarel

Sam Dubner

Best Dressed:

Jah’mal Lapomarel

Brianna Hernandez

Most Studious:

Mike Zhou

Marian Gonzalez

Most Likely to Survive on a Deserted Island:

Matthew Lamas

Kimiko Slazas

Best Eyes:

Tyler Brown

Natalie Knecht

Best Smile:

Ethan Josefsberg

Gabriela Mendez

Best Hair:

Jordan Larco

Gaby Montiero

Most Outgoing:

Melvin Dean

Antonella Paz

Biggest Glow-up Since 9th Grade:

Jake Mccreary

Galia Dircie

Best to Bring Home to Your Parents:

Steve Gomez

Taya Passley

Most Likely to Become a Social Media Influencer:

Dillon Metoyer

Julia Roter

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize:

Mike Zhou

Nicole Markus

Cutest Couple:

Jenna Hernandez and Chris Eslamifar

Best Friends (m):

Dylan Goldstein and Jesse Weingarden

Best Friends (f):

Ellie Hernandez and Jessica Fox