Senior Skip Day: Irresponsible or Tradition? (FACEOFF)

Kun Liu and Isabel Wilder

Irresponsible: (K.L.)

There is an intense debate over whether senior skip day should be recognized by the school as a tradition, or whether it is just a breach of irresponsibility. The general assumption is that senior skip day rewards seniors with a valid “excuse” to miss a day of stress and school work. However, in my perspective, taking the day off is a burden for the next day’s after-life, contributing to the possibility that your admission to colleges will get revoked.

Seniors can drive to South Beach and lie on soft sand under the afternoon sunlight on senior skip day, but they can not get away with it. As a graduating class, many students enroll in a number of AP classes, with teachers who have fast teaching styles at Palmetto and usually teach sections of materials everyday to finish the course on time and gain extra time for reviewing the AP exam. Missing those AP classes on senior skip day results in overnight cramming while regretting that you skipped a test review or have a nerve-racking “Z” in the gradebook because there was a graded assignment in class- resulting in the absence of an “A” for the third grading period. 

Apart from repaying the consequences at a later time, seniors who are irresponsible and took part in the senior skip day may have their admissions to the college they dream to attend rescinded. While throwing a party to celebrate senior skip day, some young adults, who are not yet 21, are thrilled to make headway on alcohol. If you are well-aware of the fact that you are actually underage, seeing your friends trying new things, you make up an excuse that you are almost 21, and you would just have a taste of it. In fact, It is very easy for police with precise equipment to detect that “little taste of alcohol.” Without a doubt, your first-time experience will appear on high school reports, to which colleges pay close attention and have the right to revoke your admissions. 

Tradition (I.W.):

Upon entering high school, freshmen dream of the perks that come with senior year. As graduation approaches, this anticipation grows into eager excitement for future field trips and senior traditions. While Senior Skip Day is controversial amongst teachers, students should have the opportunity to relieve their stress during a season of college acceptances and enjoy free pancakes from IHOP. 

Senior Skip Day occurs on the same day each year, so it should not come as a surprise that a large proportion of seniors would opt to cut class to hang out at the beach with their friends and make some long-lasting memories before they leave for different colleges. However, students must also understand the teacher’s perspective: they woke up early, prepared lesson plans and expected to teach their classes and in return, most of their students did not show up; something that can understandably be seen as disrespectful. 

But teachers should take into account that their students have studied diligently for four years and deserve one day to relax when they need to, as long as it does not truly interfere with their schoolwork. Missing one day all year is not all bad, as long as staying on top of responsibilities and maintaining respect for teachers still holds importance

Taking part in senior traditions is a large part of the high school experience. Many people look back fondly on their time in high school and cherish the memories they made with their friends. While scholarly duties remain important, teenagers should remember to live, have fun and balance their responsibilities with some much-deserved down time.