Senior Awards Ceremony recognizes outgoing students

Silver knight recipients accept their final honors as winners.

Brian Morrison, Copy Editor

Honoring achievement, the Senior Awards Ceremony took place Monday, May 16. A special night that recognized all of the academic, community leaders and performers for all of their hard work and dedication throughout high school.

Counselor Lisa Mallard organizes this unique event as part of an annual tradition for the top students of Palmetto’s senior class.

“I always enjoy putting this event together, to work with the school as a whole administration, teachers, counsellors, coaches, and the alumni association” guidance counselor Lisa Mallard said. “Since I was a panther I get to continue traditions: I know how special it was for me to receive these awards and I want to continue these traditions.”

At this event, parents, students and school faculty alike were serenaded at the entrance and beginning banquet by Palmetto’s award-winning jazz band before they proceed to the main event. The feelings of pride were palpable throughout the event, especially from the large audience of parents. Expressions such as that expressed below were common sentiments throughout the night.

“Kayla is an unbelievable child she is so well rounded, so we’ll diversified, compassionate and talented,” father of Kayla Ladis, Barry Ladis said. “I’m so proud of her for her work singing to cancer patients, using her talents to help others. Although I went to Florida, I’m extremely proud of her for going to the university of Michigan, and I feel she’s going to be a great addition to the school.”

Some of the highlights of the night include the honoring of both the Silver Knight recipients as well as the official naming of those students graduating magna cum laude. In addition, many awards were based more so on personality and character rather than solely grades.

Senior Aliyah Valdez was awarded the Carlos Amas Scholarship, by social studies department head John Hayduk, honoring her academic consistency, school involvement and leadership. One of the final awards of the night, it was one of the most meaningful awards given and also provides Valdez with a 300 dollar scholarship.

“I know whoever receives this award was very special to hayduk and the school as a whole,” senior Aliyah Valdez said. “I was honestly surprised to win this award. It felt good because I knew I left an impact on Palmetto. There’s a wall with all the winners names and I’m happy to add my name to the list”

Overall, this was an incredible way for seniors to cap off their four years of achievement as Panthers and recognize them one final time before they head off to begin the rest of their lives.