Senate Blocks Roe v. Wade Abortion Protection Bill

Ava Garcia, Staff Writer

On Wednesday, the United States Senate voted against the Democratic-led bill focusing on protecting access to abortions nationwide. The Women’s Health Protection act passed the house but fell short with 49 votes for and 51 against the bill.

All 50 Republicans and Senator Joe Manchin voted against the passing of the bill, arguing the bill remained too broad to vote in favor of. After the Supreme Court draft opinion leaked, this vote started that indicated Roe v. Wade may be overturned. 

This vote showed the majority of the Senate would continue to vote against legal abortion nationwide. With the majority of the United States Senate against this bill, the party used this as more of a symbolic way to show the importance this cause remains to the Democratic party. 

This vote also promises to be the first of numerous efforts to preserve the nearly 50-year-old court ruling that declares a constitutional right to abortion services. This court ruling remains at serious risk of being overturned in the near future, further emphasizing the importance of this vote and the possible meaning for the future.