The SAT Will Undergo Major Transformations

Allison Gould, Print Editor-in-Chief

As more universities go test-optional, the College Board announced that SAT exams will go fully online in the United States by 2024. On Tuesday, Jan. 25, the College Board released the modifications to the test, including the transition to an online-only format and changes in length and content.

In 2024, students taking the SAT will be able to use their own devices, including laptops and tablets, but will have to take the exam at a testing site similar to testing now. However, rather than sitting for a three-hour exam, the College Board shortened the entire exam to two hours by changing each section.

In the reading section, the passages will be shorter, consist of a wider range of topics and ask one to two questions about the text. In addition, the College Board will allow test takers to use a calculator for the entire math section rather than having one calculator-based section and one no-calculator section. 

The test will still be evaluated using a 1,600-point scale, but instead of waiting weeks for the scores to come out, the online format means students will receive scores within days of taking the test.