Running towards success

March 27, 2016

Junior Lylia Jiang stays active by going for runs around her neighborhood or at school; and attending cross country; and track and field practices. Jiang was a part of the cross country team at Southwood Middle School and furthered her love for the sport freshman year. After the cross country season ended in the fall of 2013, Jiang joined the track team in the spring. With her previous experiences as a cross country runner, Jiang quickly adjusted to track.

“After the fall cross country season ended, I was still motivated to train and race so I decided to run track in spring,” Jiang said.

As a sophomore Jiang was awarded most valuable player in both girls cross country and track and field. Jiang competes as a distance runner in track, requiring her to do road-runs– runs around Pinecrest neighborhoods– and interval workouts at practices. Interval workouts consist of alternating between fast and slow running, benefitting the runners at a race when they need to pass an opponent.  

Jiang takes it easy before track meets by taking shorter runs and focuses on keeping herself hydrated and eating plenty of carbs to boost her energy. Jiang knows that all her hard work at practice and her healthy eating pays off at the end of the day, after performing well in a race alongside her teammates.

“I’m inspired by a lot of runners,” Jiang said, “from the runners on my team, to the runners I compete against at races, to the runners I see on the road during my runs.”

The students on the track team have also influenced her love for the sport. Jiang believes that joining a group that shares an enjoyment for track boosts her performance.

“I love track because I get to bond with my teammates and we all share a passion for running,” Jiang said. “It’s fun to train together and push each other to our limits.”

Although Jiang may not allow herself that much time to catch up with friends, through dedication, persistence and a strong mentality, she hopes to get recruited by Oberlin College to continue her passion for running at the collegiate level.

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