Ranking Miley Cyrus’s “Endless Summer Vacation” Album Songs

Alex James, Staff Writer

Following the release of her single “Flowers” on Jan. 12, Miley Cyrus dropped her latest album, “Endless Summer Vacation” on Mar. 10. Cyrus, famous for her role in the music and acting industry for roles such as “Hannah Montana.” After listening to her new album, this is my personal ranking of her songs:

  1. “Handstand”

Starting off with something out of the ordinary, “Handstand” might just be one of the only Miley Cyrus songs that I straight up dislike. The first minute of the song is practically just speaking, which tends to get boring and almost convinced me to switch the song before it even reached the peak. Once I finally reached the second minute of the song, in which she sings, it sounds overly autotuned. It then plays a very EDM-like instrumental tune that gives the vibe of being in an intense game of Geometry Dash — and not in a good way. On the bright side, it can only go up from here.

  1. “Island”

The song “Island” has a good start to it and an enjoyable tune, until it reaches the chorus. The chorus convinced me to disregard the captivating tune of the first verse, and ironically, is the worst part of the song. It was disappointing considering that based on the verses, the song had so much potential. While the song is pretty catchy, it is in an annoying way because I did not enjoy singing the same two lines in my head on repeat: “Am I stranded/ on an island? Or have I landed in paradise?” The song also repeats the two lines “I hear your voice like a song on the radio/, All day long cause boy I be missing you.” These two lyrics alternate for what seems like the entire song, to the point where it gets repetitive and exhausting. The two phrases do not make sense together, failing to allow for the lyrics to speak to the audience or be relatable. 

  1. “River”

This song, although listed low, maintains a fun and upbeat tune from the start to finish, unlike “Handstand.” This song succeeds at being  extremely catchy, but unfortunately in a very predictable way. For example, she repeats the phrase “You’re just like a river” six times within 20 seconds. Cyrus shares that this song represents a time in her life when she was going through a lot emotionally and personally.

  1. “Wonder Woman”

From the beginning, you could tell the vibe for this song differs from the rest of the playlist, as well as the vibe of most of Cyrus’ other songs. Rather than the typical aggressive and intense energy she usually possesses in her other songs, this track is sad and a bit slower, yet still passionate. This is definitely not an upbeat song, but more heart-filled. Although I do enjoy the tune and lyrics to the song, the style seems to be almost outdated, especially the chorus when it says, “She’s a wonder woman,/ She knows what she likes,/ Never know she’s broken,/ Only when she cries.” That part of the song reminds me of the first four lines of the song “I Won’t Let Go” by Rascal Flatts. Additionally, I found the meaning behind her lyrics in this song to be incredibly moving, as she dedicated it for her mom and her late grandmother. Moreover, this song develops the theme of strong and resilient female figures

  1. “Violet Chemistry”

On the contrary, “Violet Chemistry” maintains a very upbeat feeling right off the bat, as it includes elements of pop, funk and R&B. The upbeat and catchy chorus, although repetitive, is exceptional. Despite the upbeat tune, the song is appropriate to listen to in multiple settings, such as while completing work or while dancing with your friends. This song lingered in my head after listening and unlike some lower songs listed, I was not completely disappointed. 

  1. “Flowers”

The well-known single, “Flowers” is known for being super catchy, as well as the meaning behind the touching and influencing lyrics. This song is believed to be shaded towards Cyrus’ ex husband, Liam Hemsworth. It was even released on his birthday, which shocked many fans. The lyrics correlate to Bruno Mars’ song, “When I Was Your Man,” which many claim Hemsworth dedicated to Cyrus. Not only have the lyrics gained so much fame because of its association with Hemsworth and Mars’ song, but because of the lesson it teaches: the importance of independence and self-love. This song is so incredible, that it is even placed first on the Billboard Global 200, with nearly 147 million streams and 53,000 sales. Despite the amazing recognition this song earned, after it being overplayed so much it quickly got tiring. 

  1. “Muddy Feet” (feat. Sia)

The song “Muddy Feet” is centered around Cyrus’ anger, depicted with her typical hoarse sound. Once again, the rage incorporated into this song is thought to have been motivated by Hemsworth. Moreover, the lyrics of this song, “You smell like perfume that I didn’t purchase,” have caused fans to believe that Hemsworth cheated on her during their relationship. Uniformly, the song may come off slightly repetitive especially with its short running, but it does not fail to be enjoyable and catchy. The rage coming from within to make this song so expressive is what makes it good. Earning some extra points, this song features a fan-favorite artist: Sia. 

  1. “Jaded”

Similarly to “Flowers” this song also reflects a breakup, but instead from a perspective of how it left Hemsworth. At the beginning of the song, it expresses a feeling of sadness, but then comes off strong and passionate during the chorus. This song achieves emotional depth, with parts of calmness and sadness and other parts of intensity that are perfect to scream along to. Along with the fiery melody, the song is still very catchy, and this time in a positive way. 

  1. “Wildcard”

The song “Wildcard” is, once again, a wildly intense and fiery song. It is similar to “Violet Chemistry,” in the way that despite the passionate melody, it is adequate to listen to in multiple scenarios, such as in the car or singing and dancing alone or with friends in your room. Not once while listening did I get bored and consider switching to the next song, in fact, just in the first few hours of the album being released, I had listened to this song four times. 

  1. “Rose Colored Lenses”

This incredibly soothing, yet fun and catchy song achieved such good imagery by allowing me to picture the setting and what was happening simply by listening to the lyrics. The words, although not repetitive, remain to capture a still and warm moment. The song is upbeat and, once again, able to be listened to in several contexts. 

  1. “Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlie)”

More similar to her song from this album, “Wonder Woman,” her song “Thousand Miles” also maintains a slower and sadder vibe. Even though this song does not express as much rage as most of her other songs, this song still expresses deep emotions and sadness. This song almost seems to resemble a country song, not only from the melody, but also from some lyrics such as, “I’m driving around town in a beat up old Mercedes.” When reaching the chorus, it becomes slightly more upbeat and incorporates a variety of instruments and sounds that reveal it to be closer to a pop genre. Although it was just released, she originally wrote this song in 2016 as a tribute to her sister after her close friend lost her sister to suicide.  Despite the fact that sadness inspired the song, so much joy fills it up as it is centered around sisterhood. 

  1. “You”

This song is once again filled with rage and passion. The way she sings, especially in this song, is so powerful in portraying her ideal type of love. This song bursts with personality and honesty, as if she just started singing what came to her head. There is genuinely not much to say about this song other than that it is a masterpiece.