Prince Andrew Loses Military Titles Amid Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

Nicole Martin, Copy Editor

On Friday, Jan. 14., Prince Andrew — the second son of Queen Elizabeth II — was stripped of his military titles, charities and royal patronages as the result of a sexual abuse lawsuit held against him.

The lawsuit was brought against the Prince by Virginia Giuffre — a victim of notorious sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.  At the age of 17, she was forced to perform degrading sexual acts with both Epstein and the Prince. Despite the Prince’s denial, the case turned against him, with Giuffre winning after Judge Kaplan’s ruling this Wednesday.

Now, with the Prince’s royal patronages returned to the Queen, he will no longer be referred to as “His Royal Highness,” and all of his titles will be redistributed to surrounding members of the royal family

The Prince will retain his title of Vice-Admiral, given to him by the Navy, as well as the title, “Duke of York;” however, all other military titles have been suspended. In addition, he will no longer be representing the Queen in any capacity.

Multiple charities have also proceeded to cut ties with the Prince. Some of these charities include the Royal National Institute for the Deaf, The Golf Foundation, The British Science Association and more.