Pinecrest Gardens restaurant rejected

Sereena Gee, Staff Writer

The heart and pride of The Village of Pinecrest lies in the Pinecrest Gardens. Every flower, piece of playing equipment and animal brings great joy to the 150,000 visitors attracted every year. However, despite the gardens’ popularity, plans for a luxury restaurant faced rejection on January 14.

Vice Mayor Mr. Joseph M Corradino and council members Mr. Jeff Cutler and Mr. Rob Ross, rejected the lease agreement. Council member Mr. James McDonald and Mayor Ms. Cindy Lerner voted in favor of the Restaurant, missing the four council votes necessary to approve the restaurant’s creation.

The restaurant, imagined as a 160-seat destination restaurant with a full bar and a staff of 25, would not work out in Pinecrest Gardens as it only contains 80 parking spots.

“[It is] too much of a good thing, essentially,” said Mr. Bob Ross, Pinecrest council member.  “Besides parking, many park visitors would have been priced out. I also felt it was unseemly to have a bar entrance located at the park entrance. The operator needs to fill 140,000 seats a year, so I find that the best thing that could happen financially is also the worst thing that could happen from a parking availability standpoint. ”

Homeowners near Pinecrest Gardens had their say in the decision, too. The project, costing approximately one million dollars, did not strike well with them; neither did the idea of a restaurant serving alcohol just down the street.

However, the possibility of a restaurant also had some positive attributes as it would also have potentially added revenue and more attraction to the gardens.

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