One Person Injured In Shooting At the Pinecrest McDonald’s

Mikayla Ashe, Multimedia Video Editor

On Oct. 4, multiple people were detained as a result of a fight outside a Pinecrest McDonald’s parking lot on 124th St. What started off as a civil conversation turned into a violent shoot-out among strangers and ended in the hospitalization of a man.

20-year-old Amzeer Sayed and his friend went to speak to his 19-year-old girlfriend, a McDonald’s employee. Before he could enter, two other employees stopped him and engaged in an argument with Sayed. The argument, about his girlfriend escalated, and the two employees opened fire. 

Sayed immediately ran to his friend, who was shot in the thigh and sought medical assistance. He attempted to stop the bleeding but did not succeed. According to Sayed, he told those surrounding the scene to telephone emergency services because his friend was “shot multiple times.” 

After the shooting, Sayed and his friend urgently drove away but crashed their vehicle into a light pole a block from the McDonald’s. Eventually, they received an escort to Jackson South Medical Center, where the wounded friend sought medical attention and is now in stable condition.

The police have not made any arrests, but the two other men involved remain under questioning by detectives. Following the incident, McDonald’s released a statement regarding their prioritization of employee and customer safety. Further information about the incident remains confidential for the remainder of the investigation.