Obamacare: Who really cares?

Questions you were too embarrassed to ask and answers that will make you seem like you wrote the Affordable Care Act yourself

Claudia Vera, Staff Writer

Millions of Americans discuss it, political parties endlessly debate over it, no one truly understands what it is; yes, I am talking about ObamaCare.

1. Who is Obama?

This would be humorous, if it were not for the fact that 38 percent of Americans did not pass their own citizenship test. Then again, does anyone truly know Obama? He is a man full of mystery¦ just like his healthcare plan.

2. Just kidding¦ but seriously, what is ObamaCare?

Politicians and parents alike have tried to explain ObamaCare to the adolescent public, yet it seems even the adults do not truly understand it. ObamaCare is a catchy name for the Affordable Care Act, the nearly 2,000 paged healthcare reform, which allows citizens to receive health insurance at a lower price, and enables more accessibility to citizens of all kinds

3. Wow, that sounds awesome! Where did this reform come from?

In a nutshell, President Barack Obama signed a healthcare reform act in 2010, and so came the birth of ObamaCare.

4. If it is a reform, how is it changing from previous health care acts? What is making it “better”?

One of the main goals of ObamaCare includes eliminating the costly monetary problem of previous reforms. ObamaCare acts as a protector towards its members, shielding them from any type of gender discrimination, ensuring that they will not be “dropped” by insurance companies if they have preexisting health conditions. Before ObamaCare, more than one in every seven Americans could not afford health insurance, and were going about completely unprotected (anyone can come to the conclusion that this is not good scenario).

5. Oh, does that mean if I have a preexisting condition of being the color purple I will still receive coverage?

Yes, my curious purple friend. ObamaCare has eliminated the fear of being rejected of coverage if you were to have a preexisting health condition. This applies to every single American no matter what color of the rainbow!

6. This “ObamaCare” sounds rather helpful! Why do people appear to be fighting over it? What is there to fight about?

As with everything else in this world, the problem leads back to money. From a monetary standpoint, ObamaCare promises to provide affordable healthcare to those who can afford to pay for it, and aids those who cannot. Seems peachy, right?

Wrong. Some view this support of payment as unfair, believing that everyone should pay the same amount in order to receive health insurance.

7. That does seem like a “costly” problem. I also heard that the website was experiencing issues. What is up with that?

The opening of ObamaCare caused a frenzy to the general public. Americans across the country stampeded on to the ObamaCare website at a more rapid pace than teenage girls racing to buy the latest One Direction concert tickets. The website became overwhelmed with the amount of users attempting to log on at once, and inevitably crashed. This malfunction of technology caused frustration within the homes of many citizens, and became the cause of numerous laptops being flung out the windows of suburban households.

8. Wow! That does sound bad. I also heard a rumor that ObamaCare requires citizens to have healthcare, no matter what. Is that even constitutional

Ah, yes. I was expecting this question. No matter what topic is discussed, people seem to have an uncanny way of bringing up the almighty Constitution. The Supreme Court has debated this questionable breach of our constitutional rights. However, this request for universal healthcare has indeed been deemed constitutional, much to the dismay of many determined ObamaCare haters.

9. I do feel a bit more knowledgeable about ObamaCare. Maybe now I can actually look alive when people talk about it. My only fear is to have an unpopular opinion on ObamaCare that could get me ridiculed.

It is completely natural to have that fear, although there is no unpopular opinion when it comes to this specific issue. The Washington Post recently ran a poll in September, which revealed that 52 percent of Americans opposed ObamaCare whereas 42 percent were for it. Whether you like or dislike the reform, you shall neatly land yourself in a large percentile. As for being ridiculed, in these current times it’s inevitable for any opinion to eventually be criticized by someone, but never fear, The Panther can provide a Band-Aid for that wound.