No Gym Necessary: Easy at Home Workouts for 2022


Isabella Hewitt

Easy at-home workout set up following a quick youtube workout routine.

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

As the new year progresses, many hope to start the year with a balanced workout routine; however, forming the perfect routine may come with difficulties. Motivating oneself to start a productive regime can be hard, but starting off with easy at-home routines can allow one to ease into an active lifestyle. 

Not only do workouts at home allow for exercise in a more relaxed environment, but it can also prevent one from exposure to COVID-19. 

“I started doing easy at home workouts at the very beginning of the pandemic and since [then] I have built up to doing more complex routines in the comfort of my own home,” Miami Palmetto Senior High School sophomore Alexandria Browne said.

At-home workouts can vary with the equipment used; one routine may just require a yoga mat, resistance bands, dumbbells or nothing at all. 

If one prefers a routine with weights, they should start off slow using dumbbells weighing from 1-10 pounds. One can then take inspiration from exercise articles or fitness YouTube videos to develop a routine. 

Following easy workout routines from YouTube can help someone jump-start into creating their ideal routine. Since many fitness influencers use the platform to promote fun and unique workout patterns, YouTube offers a variety of videos featuring different exercises.

The next routine one can follow is a workout  including resistance bands. Resistance bands not only help with physical therapy, but allow for  muscles to work against an external force and engage by fighting the tension. Resistance bands serve as a less demanding way for one to achieve stronger muscles. 

Another form of an at-home workout is yoga. Yoga offers numerous benefits, including increased core strength, balance and flexibility, back pain relief, minimized arthritis symptoms, improves heart health and improved relaxation, leading to better sleep. 

When looking for a more demanding workout, one can try High-Intensity Interval Training exercises. H.I.I.T workouts are those which increase muscle mass, improve oxygen consumption, reduce heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar.

“Working out at home has really helped me build up endurance for my ballet classes and the routines have helped me overall as a dancer,” Browne said. 

As Browne attends ballet classes 5-6 days a week and spends over three hours each day practicing challenging routines, these workouts have benefited her by bettering her abilities and increasing her longevity in the sport.