No Date, No Problem: How to Experience Homecoming to the Full Extent Without a Date

Jasmine Judge, Design Editor

Saturday, Oct. 16 marks Miami Palmetto Senior High’s first homecoming dance since the COVID-19 pandemic. This week-long affair incorporates spirit week, Panther Prowl, the Friday Night Lights homecoming game and the highly anticipated homecoming dance. After a year’s delay, students are eager to engage in the returning fall Palmetto traditions.

Around this time of year, many students face the untimely dilemma of not having a date to attend the dance with. The pressures of wanting a picture-perfect night often convince people that the idea of going without a date is unheard of. However, many do not recognize the various ways one can enjoy themselves without the company of a partner.

Spending time with friends is one of the most significant advantages of not having a date to homecoming. Instead of spending all your time with one person that you may not know that well, you can go with a group and share the experience with close friends. 

“Going with friends is the biggest thing that will make it fun if you do not have a date,” Student Council Chief of Staff and senior Catherine Bales said. “You do not get to relive homecoming. I think just going with your friends and making those memories is the best part.”

Getting ready with friends before the dance and renting a party bus for transportation to and from school are both great ways to make the night more exciting. Party buses can accommodate an ample number of passengers and provide a fun, relatively affordable option for collective transportation.

Choosing a unique homecoming outfit can also help make one’s night more interesting. Wearing something you have to coordinate with someone else is one of the downsides of going with a date. When going alone, one has the freedom to wear what they like without feeling obligated to coordinate with another person.

Another way to make the most of the homecoming is by taking photos with film or  polaroid cameras. Students and teens use these cameras frequently at special events or celebrations because of the nostalgic look they add to pictures. Film and polaroids are also printable, which allows people to have physical records to commemorate the night.

Throwing an afterparty is another means of carrying on the celebration after the dance. Following up after the dance, many like to meet up to settle down and socialize with friends outside of school.

“I think that with or without a date, homecoming is enjoyable,” Bales said. “You just have to make the most of it.”