New York Attorney Files Lawsuit Against Donald Trump

Mia Shields, Design Editor

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, New York Attorney General Letitia James filed a civil lawsuit against former President Donald Trump along with three of his children and the Trump Organization. The lawsuit pertained to alleged fraud that lasted over a decade, being embedded in all aspects of the business, including property. 

The lawsuit claims that the Trump Organization has deceived tax collectors and authorities with misleading appraisals. James is seeking 250 million dollars as she has conducted a three-year-long investigation of the Trump family’s finances and plans to cancel the organization’s cooperative certificate, which could lead to it ending its operations in New York. 

These misleading and fraudulent actions have come from as far as the executives and Trump himself, and they are now being held accountable. His three children also have connections to the fraud and are included in the lawsuit when Ivanka and Trump Jr. sought loans for properties with false financial statements in New York and Florida in both 2010 and 2012. 

The three-year-long and extensive investigation was launched in 2019 after testimony called out Trump’s inflated assets to attain certain loans. In January, more evidence came out against Trump and his accounting firm resigned. Next month, the organization goes on trial and its former finance chief, Allen Weisselberg, has decided to testify against the Trump Organization.