New school year, new ID policy, no exceptions

Jonathan Perez, Staff Writer

With the new school year already underway, many questions regarding the ID policy have crept into students’ minds. “Do I have to wear them the whole time?” “Do I get written up or punished when I don’t wear it?” “When do I take the picture?”
Freshmen and juniors took their ID badge photos on picture day. Rather than taking pictures on separate days for the IDs, Foxmar agreed to publish the IDs as soon as students finished taking their yearbook picture.
Seniors’ IDs feature their school picture from last year. Using a previous school picture for seniors’ IDs prevented senior English teachers from spending a day of class escorting students to take pictures, as they did last year.
This year, the requirement for Palmetto students to wear their IDs at all times changed. Students can have their ID on their person instead of around their neck.
“It doesn’t really matter to me; it’s not that hard to just put them on,” senior Hannah Karolewicz said.
However, there are many students who did not like wearing the ID badges last year and are content with the new policy.
“It feels like it’s something more to wear and it’s unnecessary,” sophomore Arnaldo Catanho said.
Although it is not mandatory for students to wear their ID badges throughout the day, they need to have it with them at all times. Students with uniform waivers have different colored backgrounds for their pictures, but must still follow the new  ID policy and always have their ID with them. In order for students to participate in certain events such as pep rallies, or to be addressed in the office for admits and counselor meetings, they will need to have the ID present.
No ID, no Service.