New Crumbl Cookies Store Opening In Pinecrest

Luna Garcia, Design Editor

On Jan. 13, those with sweet tooths and cookie monsters in the Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay area can enjoy the all-time famous “Crumbl” Cookies at the new Crumbl Cookies location, located across the street from The Falls on 8743 southwest 136 St. B, Miami, Florida 33176. 

The famous shop was founded by two cousins in 2017, both with a dream and a love for cookies. Soon after its grand opening, the store took off and their popularity skyrocketed —partly due to popularity on social media sites like TikTok. Crumbl Cookies is now claimed as the fastest growing chain since 2020. There are 600 stores across the country, and its founders plan to continue growing and opening additional locations. Their newest location opening in between Pinecrest and Palmetto Bay will be the third shop in the Miami-Dade area.

Every week, Crumbl rotates its cookie flavors. Their classic milk chocolate chip cookie remains year-round, but all other flavors change. The flavors go from chocolate to everything bagel. Every week it is a new and surprising cookie.
The shareable cookies are a family favorite. The cookies can be easily sliced in four different ways for those who choose to share. Crumbl cookies are made of butter, eggs,  baking powder, sugar, all-purpose flour and lots of love.