New Crumbl Cookies Location Opens Up in Miami

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

On Oct. 15, the popular cookie shop, Crumbl Cookie, opened a new location in Miami-Dade.

Two cousins in Utah founded this shop back in 2017. From that day, the shop has become extremely popular for all those with a sweet tooth. They have more than 200 shops in more than 30 states within the U.S.

The thing that makes this cookie shop unique from any other cookie shop is that they offer a new set of cookies every week. Instead of having the same menu, the weekly changes add more variety of flavors for customers to keep coming back to.

The cookie shop sells six cookie flavors a week, and four out of the six do not stay the same after the week is over. The two flavors that do not change weekly consist of the classic sugar and chocolate chip cookie. 

These cookies are known for being a great treat to share with family and friends, due to their large size. If one is interested in knowing where to buy these amazing cookies that come inside a cute pink box go to 13520 SW 120th Ave., Suite 106, Palmetto Bay, FL.