Ms. Swanson: Palmetto’s Teacher of the Year

Ella Pedroso, Design Editor

Every day, Nicole Swanson greets her biology students with positivity and excitement. This attitude earned her the award of teacher of the year.

“Every day when I walk into class she’s always positive and in a great mood,” freshman and Swanson’s student Ava Garcia said. “She also is very positive and energetic. A lot of teachers may be tired one day, but I have never seen her tired or not positive.

An enthusiastic attitude helps students have the right mindset to learn in classes, and Swanson offers just that. She makes biology fun for her students by crafting enjoyable and engaging activities and making up catch phrases to memorize things. 

“In my classes I strive to be my best version of myself. That is why I come in with enthusiasm and energy. If I don’t love my classes, how can I expect my students to?,” Swanson said.

Swanson’s desire to make the world a better place made her want to become a teacher. She has never forgotten how her teachers believed in her and challenged her. To Swanson, teachers have the most important job in the world.

“Give me any problem society is facing and I’ll show you how a high quality education is a big part of the solution,” Swanson said.

To Swanson, teaching is about the connections one can make, not just about the curriculum. She believes in the potential of her students, and hopes that with positivity, she can help them grow into the phenomenal adults she knows they can become.

Teachers can create magic by challenging students to reach their potential, even when the students don’t see it in themselves,” Swanson said. “It’s crazy to think, but I’m having a direct impact on the future. I don’t realize the impact I have on so many lives.”

With the enthusiasm that Swanson brings to lessons, she makes class more enjoyable and inspires her students to become better and better learners. 

“Ms. Swanson’s positivity in school affected me as a student by really showing me that even on bad days to be happy,” Garcia said. “She is always so positive and outgoing. It brings a smile to all her students and really changes the way we look at biology class in general.”

Swanson constantly inspires herself to be the best teacher she can, and while inspiring herself, she is also inspiring her students to be the best and most positive version of themselves. That passion truly makes a good teacher.