Palmetto’s Tennis Team Wins States


Paulina Handal, Staff Writer

Miami Palmetto Senior High’s tennis teams have fulfilled their goals: both the boys and girls teams have earned the title of state champions. With undefeated seasons, they won their Greater Miami Athletic Conferences, district finals, regionals and semi-finals and brought it home with the state championship. Last year, coming in as runner-ups in the state finals, they pulled through to bring home their sixth state championship. 

With the girls team having two state championships and one singles championship, and the boys having three state championships, one singles championship and one doubles championship, the tennis teams continuously work hard to build the strongest teams they can build.

“It’s honestly so cool to finally win the state championship, we came off a rough loss my freshman year, and then last year we came in as runner-ups, so this year we put in so much hard work and continuous practice to get to where we are today, and I’m only a junior, so I know that if we keep the hard work up we can bring home the state championship title again,” MPSH junior Mia Sorrentino said.

The team went in with the end goal to win it all, and with hard work and motivation, they did it. Not only did they bring home their first state championships in a while, but the girls also brought home their first ever girls’-singles championship. 

“It felt really amazing to win the title, my goal was just to win, I knew we had to win states so my head was set on winning no matter what. I didn’t think I would win the title and on top of that be the first girl to win it for our school, and make history,” MPSH tennis team player Ameia Sorey said. 

Part of their motivation was to beat the team that had beat them in the state championship last season and to take their title. It motivated them all the way through an undefeated season, and winning the state title. 

“I think the main thing that drove us to a state title was that we knew we wanted to win and we deserved to win. Last year we were runner-ups and I know that we should of won, but we didn’t, so this year we all pushed each other from the start to be the best we could be and we helped each other and motivated each other to get our rightful title, which got us to where we are today,” MPSH senior and Boys Tennis Team Captain Alessandro Munoz said.