MPSH Hosts Volunteering Miami’s Second Volunteer Fair

Isabella Hewitt, Contents Editor

On Saturday, March 4, local non-profit organization Volunteering Miami held its second Volunteer Fair at Miami Palmetto Senior High School. From 1-4 p.m., organizations from the community joined together to provide service opportunities for high schoolers and to promote charitable causes.

Over 40 student organizations and businesses attended, taking initiative in expanding their services to the surrounding community. Each organization held its own booth, presenting merchandise and advertisement material, gaining signatures, followers, purchases and more.

“The volunteer fair was a big step forward in what we want to accomplish as an organization in showing newer participating organizations the impact of these fairs. It was also great to finally bring the fair to a school setting and establish that precedent for some of the volunteer fairs to come,” MPSH junior and Volunteering Miami Chief Financial Officer Vance Schroeder said. 

The Volunteer Fair unites those in the community in more ways than their website listings. The fair provides one-on-one interaction with organizations, allowing interested students to ask in-person questions.

“It was super inspiring to see different community service organizations come together in person in order to engage volunteers and really get people to understand the purpose of their projects,” MPSH junior and Founder of “Packages for Patches” Cameron Gussin said. “It was helpful to talk to interested students in person because I was able to explain to them the meaning behind my project and the purpose of it, which is easier to do in person than online.”

Projects and non-profits such as Gussin’s were lined up along the MPSH gymnasium, creating an open and fun experience for all. 

Activities, live music and refreshments were also provided, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in an enjoyable display of community service opportunities while remaining entertained. 

Local DJing business, “DiscoTechh,” run by MPSH junior Diego Ortiz, served as the music of the event, while visitors played provided activities such as bean bag toss. 

“I DJ’d the Volunteer Fair because I wanted to bring ambiance to a helping-the-community event. I am extremely happy with the outcome of the fair, as I got many compliments and people seemed to be enjoying my music,” Ortiz said. 

The event also held a fundraiser for MPSH’s class of 2025 through profits made via concessions.

Volunteering Miami also serves as a community connection for MPSH students, with many serving as representatives and staff of the organization itself. 

“Palmetto students working as staff members for Volunteering Miami shows the power and potential that all of our fellow Palmetto students have, as well as allowing us to build relationships and connections with people, organizations and businesses beyond our great school,” MPSH Junior and Volunteering Miami Chief Executive Officer Lorenzo Castillo-Rios said. 

Through the successes of Volunteering Miami and its widespread impact on the community, it carries through its mission of “connecting local, Miami-based businesses and organizations with volunteers through one, easy-to-use platform.”

“I think the volunteer fair is a unique way for students to reach into the realm of community volunteering because it provides them with so many diverse opportunities that may present them with interests they didn’t even know they had,” Schroeder said.