Minnie Mouse Suits Up in a Controversial New Look

Denise Vaque, Design Editor

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, Disneyland Paris announced via their Twitter account that Minnie Mouse is receiving a temporary wardrobe makeover in honor of the park’s 30th anniversary. Designed by British fashion designer Stella McCartney, Minnie’s new look consists of a navy blue pantsuit adorned with black polka-dots and bows on the pockets. The outfit is accessorized with a matching head bow and a pair of simple black pumps. 

Set to debut in March for International Women’s Month, the suit is one amongst a myriad of new looks created for Disneyland Paris characters. Some of these new outfits include a dapper shiny blue suit for Mickey Mouse, a pink holographic dress for Minnie and a shimmery pink and yellow frock for Daisy Duck.

This outfit change has sparked controversy as some see the introduction of a tuxedo as an unnecessary deviation from Minnie’s classic red polka-dotted dress. Others have praised Disney for its progressive effort to celebrate International Women’s Month. 

The change is reminiscent of Mars’ recent M&M redesign in which the candy company swapped out the green M&M’s feminine gogo boots for sneakers. Many fans have deemed these changes unnecessary, leading to backlash for both Mars and Disney.