Local Businesses to Support During Thanksgiving

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

Thanksgiving is a time for local businesses to thrive and for citizens to give back to their community. Supporting local businesses means helping to feed your community, helping the local economy, schools and so much more. Below are some examples of local businesses to support during this season of giving. 

Joanna’s Marketplace, a local small business established in 1992, has always provided fresh foods in their gourmet grocery store. They have a variety of foods, such as baked goods, sandwiches, pastas and salads. Joanna’s remains open on Thanksgiving day and has a menu which includes an assortment of options including main dishes, traditional slides, breads, platters and homemade desserts. 

To get your Thanksgiving platters from Joanna’s, you can preorder (by Sunday, Nov. 22) and get Thanksgiving dishes like pre-cooked turkeys carved off the bone coupled with  homestyle gravy come with multiple stuffing options, mashed potatoes, sweet potato pudding topped with marshmallows and more Thanksgiving treats. Joanna’s offers curbside pickup and delivery. 

Joanna’s has implemented many precautions during this pandemic and makes safety and health a top priority. 

“All customers and staff must wear masks, everybody washes their hands repeatedly during the day, social distancing and we are offering full curbside service,” Joanna’s Marketplace head of HR Kelly Lederman said. 

Joanna’s has offered Thanksgiving dinners for more than two decades to locals and continues to do so. They also appreciate all the support from their community and continue to help in any way they can.

Pinecrest Wayside Market, another local business to support, is a produce market with a substantial variety of fruits, vegetables, shakes, baked goods and more. Wayside also offers many Thanksgiving dishes.

The dishes include french bread pudding with caramel, garlic mashed potatoes, cornbread, pies and more. 

Wayside also offers the option of preordering, keeping their customers’ safety in mind. Once pre-ordered, the customer may take the food home to eat safely and efficiently.

Thanksgiving festivities, other than feasting on delicious delicacies, include holiday shopping and many sales.  

Blush Boutique, a women’s clothing store, has many items available for purchase, making it perfect for gift-giving. 

Blush gets new clothing items every Monday. To shop, one can check their Instagram,  @blushboutique, and browse through there.

Blush’s has many sales during the week of Thanksgiving. Those include Black Friday sales on Nov. 27, a Small Business day on Saturday, the Nov. 28, and Cyber Monday sales on the Nov. 30.

“We have great pieces that not everyone has and that are very unique to Miami,” Blush boutique employee Erika said.

Blush acts as one of the many places to shop local and support small businesses in the area.

Thanksgiving’s main purpose is to give thanks. Supporting local small businesses can have many positives and  one way to express gratitude. Joanna’s Marketplace, Wayside Market and Blush Boutique are just some of the local businesses to support during the holidays.