Knaus Berry Farm Owner Rachel Knaus Has Passed Away

Gabriella Alvarez, Copy Editor

On March 5, a post via the farm’s Instagram account announced that Rachel Knaus, owner of South Florida’s Knaus Berry Farm, passed away.

Previously, on Feb. 17, Knaus and her husband were assaulted with a flashlight by their son, Travis Grafe. Grafe has remained in custody since the incident, and the 40-year-old is facing various charges. Initially, he faced one count of premeditated attempted murder, two counts of battery and attempted strongarm robbery, however, these are subject to change following his mother’s death due to the injuries.

In the post by @knausberryfarm, it stated that Knaus passed away as a result of the injuries endured from her son’s attack. The post continues, thanking the customers for their support, inspiration and for being family to them.

Knaus Berry Farm will stay open for the remainder of the week and plans to celebrate the life and legacy of Rachel Knaus.