Jacob Blake Case Updates

Samantha Elkins, Multimedia Video Editor

On Jan. 5, county prosecutor Michael Graveley of Kenosha County, Wisconsin announced that the officers involved in the shooting that left 29-year-old Jacob Blake paralyzed from the waist down would not face charges. 

On Aug. 23, Kenosha police officer Rusten Sheskey responded to a call regarding a domestic dispute and attempted to arrest Blake. Officers first tased him, then shot him seven times in the back when he attempted to get back in his car. 

His children sat in the backseat and witnessed the scene. 

The other two officers involved in the incident, Vincent Arenas and Brittany Meronek, face no charges either. Kenosha Police Dept. confirmed that all of the officers involved are on administrative leave.

Graveley stated that, based on the law and facts, no officers can be prosecuted. They felt they had sufficient evidence to prove Sheskey’s act of protecting himself by shooting Blake resulted from fearing for his life, and holds up in a court of law. Blake’s lawyers, as well as many protesters, disagree that Blake endangered Officer Sheskey.

Blake’s civil rights lawyer said he and Blake’s family feel greatly disappointed in the decision. Many people feel the same and remain upset that Sheskey faced no charges following Blake’s shooting.