Introducing the Freshman Board

Paulina Handal, Staff Writer

With Freshman elections finalized on Friday, Sept. 2, this year’s freshman is currently working on representing and delivering for their class to make their first year of high school feels like home and looks forward to embarking on their journey with the student council at Palmetto, 

Christopher Green is the elected Class President for the class of 2026.

 “I saw opportunities to fix the school and make it better, so I wanted to become president to make the school the best it can be,” Green said.

Green looks forward to the school year and wants to involve the rest of the student body during his presidency by uniting the class and bringing feedback to the administration in order to meet everyone’s expectations.

Taylor Bouchard is the elected Vice President for the class of 2026. 

“I want to be part of the school and the community and help out with everything that I can,” Bouchard said. 

Bouchard wants to make a difference in the school, as she made a difference in her middle school. She wants to make sure that all students have a chance to get involved and make school a fun place to be.

Andie Gussin is the elected secretary for the class of 2026.

 “I want to be more involved in the school and want to help out in the overall school board,” Gussin said. 

Gussin’s goals mainly revolve around making everyone feel welcomed and at home. She knows that entering high school will be very different and something that they have to adapt to, so she wants to be there to make all the new-coming freshmen feel that they belong.

Daniel Mazer and Brooke Barnett are the treasurers for the class of 2026.

 “I just want to do whatever I can to be involved in the school and the activities,” Barnett said. 

Barnett wants to make sure that she can get people involved in school activities and be a part of everything that has to do with school, in order to truly feel connected to the new environment.

“I really like to connect with all the kids, it’s really important to me because I want to make the school environment the best that I can make it, and I really love Palmetto,” Mazer said. 

Mazer’s goal is to get everyone involved in student government, even the students that usually would not, and to make sure everyone has fun. He loves being at school and wants to make sure that he can do everything in his power to make the new freshmen feel the same way that he does. 

The board of the newly welcomed class of 2026 is excited to make their first school year at Palmetto Senior High School a good one. They share a lot of passion for the school and their peers and want to do what they can to make school feel like home.