Inspire Pinecrest: The Pinecrest Parkway Vision Plan

Isabella Hewitt, Multimedia Photo Editor

As the community grows and roads become busier, many Pinecrest families wonder what the future holds for the Pinecrest Parkway. The road, also known as U.S Route 1 or South Dixie Highway, serves as the village’s main commercial corridor. 

The purpose of the Pinecrest Inspire Plan is to support the growing community with their new outreach and education campaign to further understand the residents’ concerns. 

“With Inspire, every couple of years we go to the community and ask them what results they would like to see on a specific topic in Pinecrest, and then we address those concerns based on their feedback,” Pinecrest Mayor Joseph M. Corradino said. 

New communication channels permit residents to input data to allow for an improved roadway. With the new channels, Pinecrest officials may gain insight on the community’s desires.  

“With Inspire, we are looking at our land use and zoning on our US 1 corridor. We had done a plan about 10-12 years ago where we addressed that, and we needed to revisit it, and that is what inspired Inspire Pinecrest,” Corradino said. 

Inspire Pinecrest is an extension of the Inspire Pinecrest Community Conversation series — originating in 2017 — which focuses on the concerns of the community. 

“Inspire Pinecrest is what we call our community conversations. The first ones were held in 2017 after Hurricane Irma, so that we could talk about what parts of our city services and infrastructure worked and what parts needed improvement,” Seat 1 Pinecrest Council member Anna Hochkammer said. 

Signs promoting the plan follow along the route of the road and village, advertising QR codes and displaying the community conversation dates and times: October 27th at 6 p.m and November 10th at 6 p.m. These two sessions will further update the US 1/Pinecrest Parkway vision plan. The Pinecrest community was eager to continue the plan and much of the community has participated in the project. 

“The community sees things that can be improved, makes the suggestions and then we go about it and improve them and it all works out very well,” Corradino said. 

Many find this plan helpful and use it to their advantage to improve the community overall.

“We have a tremendous amount of participation, we had over two-hundred people participate in the first virtual session we had in October, and we hope to have as many if not more in the next session in November,” Hochkammer said. 

If interested in participating, visit the Village of Pinecrest website at to sign up for the next virtual session.