ICYMI: Teachers take tailgating

October 19, 2015

After school on Thursday, teachers emerged from empty hallways and gathered together near Wayne Moore Field to take part in the Teacher Appreciation Tailgate before the football team faced the Edison Red Raiders. Administration created this event to involve teachers more in athletic activities and promote a sense of ‘Panther Pride.’

“We are committed to bringing teachers, students and athletics back together,” Athletic Director Steve Batten said. “We opted to bring a football game to the high school. In doing so, it opened up some possibilities.” Since the football team usually doesn’t play their games at Palmetto, such an opportunity provides an opportunity to unite the school.  

“[My math teacher] Mr. Karpiak was the old football coach and we talked a lot about football together,” senior John Pierce said. “He helped me out about continuing football in college.”

According to another player, not all teachers despise their jobs, either.

“Ms. McIntyre is my favorite teacher,” junior Danny Olgetree said. “She’s really energetic and I like her style of teaching.”

Teachers wore jerseys to support the players. Due to the heat, the teachers ate their catered Shorty’s Barbecue meal in the air-conditioned locker room, rather than on the field. They sat close together behind tables, sharing laughs and a hearty meal before the game began.

“We’re hoping to get teachers to enjoy coming to our athletic events and foster a sense of not only Panther Pride, but teacher goodwill,” activities director Ms. Valero said.


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