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How to throw the perfect Christmukkah party

December 24, 2016

Ever wonder if there was a way to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah at once? Well now you can! Here are a few steps for throwing the best Chrismukkah party ever.

Step one: Invite all your friends, Jews, Catholics and all others, over on a certain day. Make sure it is not during Hanukkah or on Christmas because you would not want someone thinking you favor one religion over the other. Try and a pick a religion neutral day so that no one takes offense.

Step two: Decorate. Buy Christmas and Hanukkah plates, napkins, silverware, banners and more. You can either buy items, or make your own. Buy plain paper plates and draw on neutral holiday themed illustrations or combine both religions to make one symbol. Get creative with your decorations. That will make your party stand out.

Step three: the food. Most good parties have delicious food, so be prepared to cook. Be mindful to respect others’ religious beliefs that correspond to food. You would not want to make all Kosher food if Christians attend the party too. You can have your friends over to bake Christmas and Hanukkah cookies or you can order some pizza. Go with the flow in your food choices and do whatever makes your guests happiest.

Step four: Movies. If you want a more relaxed, girl’s night kind of party, a movie is the perfect solution. It entertains your guests without too much effort. You want to enjoy yourself too, right? Pick a movie that is not necessarily holiday themed to avoid any unnecessary awkwardness or tension. Always pick the movie beforehand too. If you let your guests pick, there may be too much time wasted on watching trailers and arguing over a romantic comedy or a horror. Save yourself the time and have the movie ready to go when they get there.

All in all, avoid anything that could create religious tension between friends and everything should run smoothly. Remember to please your guests in any way you can and keep the mood lighthearted and fun. By following these simple steps, you can easily throw the best Chrismukkah party ever with family and friends to celebrate the holidays.

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