How to Keep Healthy Relationships during Lockdown

Sydney Campbell, Design Editor

Due to COVID-19, quarantining has become the new “normal.” Romantic relationships instantly became “long-distance,” friendships became virtual and outside interactions came to a halt. How do you keep your relationships strong when you might feel isolated and alone? Below are a few ways. 

Whether romantically or platonically, video chatting while sharing a meal, watching the same movie or participating in an activity like a craft or project can make you feel connected with someone when you otherwise cannot be. 

Individuals can use Zoom, Facetime, Skype or other video chat platforms. If everyone involved has a Netflix account, Netflix Party, where you can have long-distance movie nights or binge watch TV shows can bring you and other together. 

Regardless of whether actively participating in something with the other person while video chatting, or simply being in each other’s presence while doing homework, scrolling through your phone or just laying in bed is a nice feeling.

 “Facetiming your friends and doing your own thing while talking to them feels nice, especially when you can’t see them in person,” junior Lucas Mendez said.

You can play board games over a video chat such as UNO, or play video games and talk to your friends while doing so.

 “Playing video games with your friends and girlfriend can be really fun and an easy way to pass time,” Mendez said.

Last but not least, check in on each other and make the effort to do it often. A simple “How has your day been?” can go a long way when someone is struggling to cope with quarantine and not being able to see anyone. Text each other about random things that pop into your mind and make each other feel appreciated and thought of. 

Being under quarantine quickly changed the dynamics of all relationships, but with that being said, relationships do not have to fall apart the ways above can keep them strong.