How to Dress For a Job Interview

February 28, 2019


The way a person dresses for their job interview can leave a major impact on not only a future boss, but on the company or business as well. When attending work everyday, one presents a message about themselves and a business based on what they wear. When walking into a job interview, a future employer can make a judgement about the worker based on what they are wearing because that often gives off a first impression. It is important to know what to wear when going into a job interview because that can be a determining factor in deciding whether or not someone may get the job.

An important strategy when getting ready for a job interview is to have knowledge on what to wear and what not to wear. According to the balance careers, the candidate dressed in a suit and tie or dress and heels will leave a better impression than the candidate dressed in jeans and sneakers.

The way that men need to dress for job interviews holds importance, as employers look for an employee who appears well dressed and put together. No matter what type a job a man is applying for, they should always wear an outfit that presents them to be a professional. If one chooses to wear a suit, one should keep the suit within three solid colors such as black, navy or grey. For example, showing up to a job interview wearing a bright, colorful suit, such as green or orange, might give the employer the wrong idea of a lack of professionalism and could lead to the loss of a job opportunity.

How women dress is highly scrutinized within society, so their outfit must project their qualifications and confidence in their abilities to prevent doubt in their abilities but future employers. Women have more options and flexibility when it comes to wardrobe, and a jumpsuit, skirt, dress or even business pants and a blouse would work for a job interview. Especially for the ladies, it is crucial to keep in mind the length of your dresses and skirts because employers might take a shorter length skirt as an unprofessional statement. . When looking at hairstyles, a neat half up/half down hairdo or even a nice bun can be the way to go. And lastly always go with a neutral look for makeup. Makeup is always nice to wear for a job interview but too much makeup can easily make one look unprofessional and can send the wrong message to one’s future employer. The ultimate goal for a job interview should be to present oneself with as much sophistication as possible.


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How to Dress For a Job Interview