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How to approach doing homework over the break

January 5, 2017

Despite winter break being a two-week break from school, teachers still assign homework. Many teachers believe giving homework over the break is necessary for students to remember what they learned over the year. In addition, some classes have a strict pacing guide in order to cover what will be on the end of course exams.
“Depending on the nature of the class determines whether or not I will assign work, for example, my AP Euro kids have a national exam to take in May and we need to get through all the chapters so we have a sufficient amount of time to review before”, AP european history and research teacher Mr. Daniel Corradino said.
Students cannot escape the fact that select teachers will give homework over the break; however, there is a way to approach this work to make winter break relaxing as possible, without stressing.
Get a head start. Do not wait until the Sunday before school begins again. Not only will this become overwhelming, it will allow less time to get the work done. Plus being overwhelmed leads to making mistakes more easily and probably will reflect on the grade you earn.
Pace yourself. Along with getting a jump start, taking twenty minutes out of each day during the two weeks off, will let you get your work done without as much stress. With this,the day before school starts up again, there will be no stress and you can get a good night’s rest.
“My math teacher gave me a 100-problem packet for over the break that is worth eight grades, each day I do a little in order to avoid being bombarded with a crazy amount of work to do in one day,” sophomore Vanessa Garcia said.
If you do not wait until the last second to complete your work and tackle the workload in doses, getting work over the break will not be as dreadful as it typically would have. These strategies also apply to getting homework done all year round. Avoiding procrastination and staying on top of things leads to good grades and less stress, which is something everyone should be trying to achieve in the new year.

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