How Student Athletes Recover From Slumps and Poor Performances

Valentina Arias, Multimedia Photo Editor

No one is perfect. As Miami Palmetto Senior High School student athletes began their sports seasons this year, they experienced both victories and losses. Although bad performances can put athletes in a slump, many athletes have found ways to build themselves back up and keep themselves on top of their game. 

Taking a breather helps many athletes, especially during a game. Whenever an athlete realizes that the opposing team has a greater opportunity to succeed during a game, it can take a toll on them mentally. While playing a sport, one’s mental state can push them to success or failure. 

Taking a second to breathe and think through decisions in a game can benefit the player. Not doing this can lead to recurring bad performance, which can further frustrate the player. 

“It helps to take a second to get my mind back in the game before I continue to play. With myself back in the right state of mind, it makes a big difference in my performance,” Palmetto sophomore and junior varsity football player Robert Basori said.

Reminding oneself that everyone makes mistakes can create a drive to become a better player. One can feel bad and upset over their performance, but these negative thoughts should not linger on forever. Holding on to the past does not help one to succeed in the future. The best thing for a student athlete is to learn from one’s mistakes and move on. Focus on the present and strive for a better future.

“I recover from a poor performance by not focusing on the negative aspects,” Palmetto sophomore and basketball player Jasmine Aguiles said. 

It not only benefits to come back from poor performances for oneself, but also for the team one plays on because when one person on the team struggles and is in a bad mentality the rest of the team feels it. Which is why it benefits everyone for a player to get back in the game mentally just as they are physically. This ensures that no matter the win or loss, one can perform their best and most importantly, they can enjoy their sport. 

“I tell myself hard work and practice is the only way I will be able to improve for my next game,” Aguiles said. “I don’t let this [bad performance] dwell on me and I look to do better every time.”