How Fashion Week Affects Global Trends

Ava Garcia, Staff Writer

In today’s day and age, pop culture and fashion trends quickly spread and can easily reach a global audience. When it comes to fashion, trends spread via social media, digital entertainment and global fashion weeks.

When fans across the world see their idols walking the red carpet, they draw inspiration from the looks depicted on the screen. Similarly, large clothing brands participate in fashion weeks to gain a perspective on what is new and trending within the industry. Getting an inside look at the runway trends helps companies flourish and stay ahead of the market. 

 Once companies find the styles they think will appeal to consumers, they replicate them, thereby benefiting not only the companies but also the masses who want the most recent and popular styles. 

However, this business model can be detrimental to the environment, as mass-producing clothing takes a toll on natural resources. For example, during the pandemic, the fast-fashion company Shein became very popular among consumers who were drawn to the $5-and-below items. While it is a good deal in the short term, fast fashion is harmful to the environment in the long term. Fast fashion surrounds the idea of mass-producing clothing items using cheap materials allowing for faster production times and lower costs for consumers. Due to the affordability of these items, much of the materials used go to waste. 

Fashion shows began in the 1860s when British fashion designer Charles Federick Worth used live models to showcase his creations. Although his “fashion parades” continue to thrive in the form of fashion shows today, the meaning behind them has changed over time. 

Fashion shows started as a way for designers to showcase the new pieces they created, but have now grown into a way for businesses to gain customers by taking the latest trends and making them their own. This tactic that companies use draws customers in, displaying the way in which trends change the way people view fashion. 

“A trend to me is just another form of admiring another person’s style. I look at fashion as a form of expression,” “The Something Stop” Shop owner Sidney Scholl said. “Whether you’re wearing something that is considered trendy or not, it’s a way to show who you truly are without saying anything, and I think that’s really powerful.”