Historic Flooding Causes Major Fuel Shortages in South Florida

Jasmine Judge, Business Manager

On the week of April 10, a historic rainstorm wrecked chaos across South Florida, leaving behind flooding and damages. Fort Lauderdale, near Port Everglades, faced 25.91 inches of rain Wednesday night. The port remained open but the flooding interrupted regular fuel deliveries; causing shortages at gas stations in 12 counties, stretching from Lake Okeechobee to the Keys. Long lines have formed at the remaining stations that still have fuel, with many only offering premium.

Some petroleum companies shut down as a result of the flooding, but by Saturday they were reopened and running with a copious amount of fuel trucks to continue making deliveries. Petroleum companies in Tampa and Canaveral have temporarily brought fuel to Broward to help ease the shortage.

Officials say that the flooding has decreased by about half since Wednesday night’s peak. Over the past several days, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has deployed various rescue crews to flooding neighborhoods. In addition, the FWC has answered hundreds of calls from families searching for assistance to evacuate their homes.