Harry Styles’ New Single: Does It Meet Expectations? (Pop at Palmetto)

Ava Garcia, Staff Writer

Harry Styles remains one of the only current celebrities who can continue to make songs that touch fans’ hearts. Matching the success of his previous album, “Fine Line,” sounded like an unimaginable task, but once again, Styles did the impossible by releasing a new single that blew fans away.

“As It Was” gives fans a preview of Styles’ upcoming album, “Harry’s House,” which is set to release on May 20, 2022. The song has multiple meanings, but many fans see it as Styles’ way of describing a state of mind that is stuck in the past.

Although “As It Was” may be categorized as an upbeat song, the lyrics describe a sense of sorrow. “Harry, you’re no good alone / Why are you sitting at home on the floor / What kind of pills are you on?” This lyric dives into issues surrounding mental health, including self-medication and can be compared to the hardships that may follow the end of a relationship. 

Many also view this song as a way to show how accepting past struggles can help someone heal. Taking a different perspective on the way people roam the Earth and understanding the deep root of problems are recurring themes in this song.

“As It Was” has a vintage, 80s feel. “Harry’s House” will most likely show how Styles has grown as an artist and diversified his sound. 

In addition to the outstanding lyrics, the cinematography in the music video stood out from other music videos by Styles. Bright colors, fun dance sequences and amazing outfits were huge aspects of “As It Was.” 

“Fine Line” had an immense impact on fans all across the world. With the “Harry’s House” release date drawing closer, fans wait in anticipation for an album that will likely soar past all expectations. The music industry truly will not remain the same as it was.