Haleigh Prindle Profile

Haleigh Prindle is yet another Palmetto student following the love for her sport to college. For the next four years, Prindle will be attending Boston University for rowing.

“Boston is like a second home for me,” senior Prindle said. “I go there every summer.”

Since the summer before starting sophomore year at Palmetto, Prindle has participated in lightweight rowing. Thus, Boston University seems to be the perfect fit for Prindle with its ranking as the number one school in the country for the sport of lightweight rowing by USRowing.

Through her commitment to the sport of rowing, Prindle found an additional passion: nutrition. While maintaining her weight for lightweight rowing, she became more and more interested in becoming a dietitian. In addition, Boston University is one of the top schools in the country for nutritional studies.

“I am able to combine my love for rowing and sports and my comfort of a home with good education,” Prindle said.

Prindle’s rowing roots stem back from her nine years of competitive swimming, but as time passed she decided she was ready to move on to a sport that required more of a team dynamic. After seeing her twin brother row, she knew that rowing was the sport for her.

The boat is made up of five people, each with their own positions. Prindle is the first seat, setting the pace for the whole boat to follow.

“All five of you need to work together and if you are not in sync, you won’t row well together,” Prindle said. “And even if your personalities don’t match it won’t work.”

Since there are no scores to show recruiters, rowers must produce results to show universities what kind of rower they are. Prindle rows in a club on Key Biscayne called the Miami Rowing Club where as a junior she won first in the nation.

“It is a great sport that a lot of people don’t know about and they undermine it and they don’t think it is as tough and grueling as it is, but it is actually a pretty interesting sport for people to learn,” Prindle said.