Governor Ron DeSantis Instates Election Police Force

Ryan McKean, Multimedia Photo Editor

On Monday, Apr. 25, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill creating an election police force. The purpose of this police force is to limit voter fraud and other election-related criminal offenses. 

The 2020 election outcome led the Republican party to take action regarding limiting voter fraud and minority participation. They want to reevaluate their own election systems in the wake of Trump’s allegations about the 2020 election being fraudulent.

Governor DeSantis is a prime candidate for the upcoming 2024 presidential election. Right now, his main focus is running for reelection in the Florida gubernatorial race. He stated that rules need to be implemented to minimize election fraud and crimes because he believed the 2020 election process had major flaws. 

In a press conference held on Monday, DeSantis explained how the current program is not well-equipped to handle these types of situations. 

The results of the 2020 election prompted an investigation that showed there were fewer than 475 potential cases of voter fraud out of 25.5 million ballots cast in the six states. These were six states where former President Donald Trump accused President Joseph Biden and the Democratic Party of rigging the election in favor of a Democratic win. 

Democrats and Republicans have scuffled over this bill because both parties believe it may or may not be to their advantage.