Gabriella’s January Picks

Gabriella Alvarez, Copy Editor

Typically, January does not have any particular uniqueness for me. However, as December passed, a plethora of things made their way into my life shaping the new year. Here are some of my top picks from January:

1. Canada

My 2023 started off up north, in Toronto, Canada. Traveling there with my family over winter break, this trip proved to be one of my favorite parts of January. While summer holds a special place in my heart, so does winter. Finally seeing Niagara Falls up close, followed by a tour of the charming surrounding towns, this trip became a core memory. After months of non-stop work, my family and I had the opportunity to enjoy quality time with one another as we did our favorite thing: exploring a new place. Filled with constant laughter and craziness, this vacation was a great start to the new year. 

2. “That ‘90s Show”

When I discovered my mom watching a new show, I grew instantly curious. Initially, I feared that the show was going to be cheesy coming from the laughter effects I heard playing in the background. Yet, as I sat and watched, “That ‘90s Show” became one of my favorites. Along with it serving as a way for my mom and I to spend quality time together, the storyline is adorable and comedic. I badgered my mom for background information since I had never seen “That ‘70s Show” and followed anxiously as the main character, Leia, spent her summer in Wisconsin forming new relationships. Over the span of two days, my mom and I had successfully binged the entire season. This was the first show I had seen in forever with no prior knowledge of the plot and relished in starting off the month with a new obsession.

3. Gracie Abrams

Music serves as one of my favorite escapes from life’s challenges. My days start and end with my earphones plugged in. Throughout January, I realized how most of the music I enjoyed was on the sadder side. This does not necessarily reflect my personality, as I tend to be upbeat most of the time. However, listening to sad music ignites calmness and peace that I usually do not find during busy school days. As I started listening to Gracie Abrams more and more, these bits of peace were exemplified. The lyrics in her songs, along with the musical elements, provided me with the perfect amount of adrenaline while still allowing me to feel tranquility. Feeling as if I could just run and scream out the lyrics while also staying in touch with my emotions is a rare occurrence, but Gracie Abrams has yet to fail me. 

4. Friday Nights

You know those things that everyone knows about but have never felt real to you? That is what Friday nights are to me. The common notion is that Friday nights consist of laughter, fun and friends hanging out with one another. This is often reflected in film, social media or spread by word of mouth. In the past, I was never one to hang out with my friends on Friday nights. For me, Friday nights were to catch up on all the sleep I had been deprived of during the week. Yet, January changed everything. I began to hang out with my friends Friday nights and indulge in the joy of having two days of peace before Monday rolled around. Some of my favorite memories have been made on these January nights. The most unique aspect about these evenings is that most of them were unexpected; I planned on a calm night at home when I received messages from my friends. Though there is nothing wrong with staying in, I am grateful for the experiences that occurred. Whether it be watching movies, going out or walking around the neighborhood, Friday nights now hold a special place in my heart.