Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis Appoints Private School Educator Maria Bosque-Blanco to Miami-Dade County School Board

Sara Paredes, Feature Editor

On Tuesday, Jan. 17, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that Maria Bosque-Blanco, a guidance counselor at Our Lady of Lourdes Academy, a private, all-girls Catholic school in Miami, is set to assume Lubby Navarro’s position as vice chairperson of the board. 

Navarro, who announced her resignation on Dec. 30 in accordance with a newly-passed law prohibiting registered lobbyists from holding office, had held the position since 2015 during her registration as a lobbyist for the South Broward Hospital District. 

A graduate of Miami-Dade College and Barry University, Bosque-Blanco serves on the Board of Trustees at MDC, alongside Roberto Alonso, who DeSantis appointed to the MDC Board in 2020. Alonso was elected in November to represent District 4 on the school board. 

Bosque-Blanco’s appointment comes the day before the first meeting of the year for the school board on Jan. 18, where the board will vote on the new vice chair.