Five Sisters Shop Profile


Amy-Grace Shapiro

Five Sisters sells an abundance of products, ranging from jewelry, incense, oils, candles and aromatherapy, statues, artwork, wind chimes, books, home decor, and their most popular item, crystals.

Ana Martinez, Feature/Design Editor

Metaphysical shop and healing center Five Sisters has sparked a newfound interest in young teens and adults. The store has established itself as a place full of love and provided the local community a place to encourage people to work on themselves, mentally.

Elizabeth Serig founded Five Sisters in 2007 as a result of wanting to go through a spiritual transformation. She named the store in honor of her five daughters: Rocky, Alexandra, Aurora, Estee and Hannah. Currently, Rocky, a Miami Palmetto Senior High School alumni, continues to live on her mother’s dream in running the store as Elizaceth retired in 2018. 

“We were both going through spiritual transformations and doing things personally in our lives,” Five Sisters store owner Rocky Serig said. “She was searching for a place [and] she could not really find it, so she ended up saying ‘okay, let’s create it.’”

The store, located in Kendall, contains a large and open space for customers to look around for products that may interest them. 

“I really liked all of the decorations they had,” MPSH sophomore and customer of the Five Sisters Lucas Hudson said. “The overall atmosphere was pretty nice and chill, and the employees were really helpful at answering any questions.”

Five Sisters sells an abundance of products, ranging from jewelry, incense, oils, candles and aromatherapy, statues, artwork, wind chimes, books, home decor, and their most popular item, crystals. The store has an abundance of crystals such as quartz, jasper and lapis lazuli, all serving different healing purposes. For instance, one can receive good luck, growth and vitality from purchasing a green aventurine crystal, according to the store.  

“Crystals are awesome and I love them; they make me feel good,” Rocky said. “I truly believe in the power of crystals.” 

Along with selling products, Five Sisters serves as a community center by providing several services to customers. Throughout the year, the store hosts spiritual readings, yoga sessions, spiritual development classes and meditation to help others create a better mindset, spiritually. 

“Meditation is a thing to put me in the right mindset; it grounds me,” Hudson said. “It really helps with your overall mental health and well-being and makes you more aware of the present and grateful for everyday things in your life.”

As with many local businesses, Five Sisters suffered several hardships due to the pandemic. The store, which has served its customers for over 14 years, had to shut down for several months, impacting both the business and the community. 

“The shutdown was hard from a financial standpoint but even more importantly it was hard from a community standpoint,” Rocky said. “I have some of the same customers I have had from day one, so not being available to them all of a sudden was hard for a lot of people.” 

However, the store learned to adapt to the circumstances; the store re-opened in May, following the COVID-19 safety precautions. The store limits the amount of customers entering the store and requires all customers to wear masks and wash their hands upon arrival in the store. While Rocky has cancelled Five Sister’s in-person services, they have continued the services through Zoom sessions. If customers do not feel comfortable going in-person, the store also has an online store where customers can purchase products such as crystals and products for aromatherapy. 

Despite the pandemic, Five Sisters has proved to maintain its place in the community by aiding people in finding themselves spiritually through its services and products. In the future, Rocky hopes to expand the store to an outdoor venue, as well as planning retreats. 

“The pandemic has forced me to be on social media and offering online products,” Rocky said. “The reason I want to continue with this business is because I think it is so important that people need ways to be happier and healthier.”