Fall TV Preview

Shane McCrink, Staff Writer

With fall underway, a raid of television shows are set to hit television screens all across America. The return of popular shows from their summer breaks and the arrival of new dramas and sitcoms onto the horizon has created much to look forward to this fall on your television set!

The return of shows like Modern Family, Walking Dead, Boardwalk Empire and Chicago Fire has many people impatient for the fall television season. Also, new shows like The Blacklist, the Michael J. Fox Show, the Crazy Ones and the Goldbergs have generated excitement.

“Boardwalk Empire” returned for its fourth season on HBO. At the end of season 3, viewers found that Nucky won his battle with Gyp Rosetti. There was also another war going on between Dean O’Banion and Al Capone with Van Alden stuck in the middle. Nucky then gives control of a distiller to Rothstein, but then rats Rothstein out to authorities for Rothstein’s bootlegging operation. After Nucky’s war with Gyp, Nucky tries to make peace with Gyp, but finds him against a force from Harlem who tries to get in on the action. Look for the drama to continue in Season 4.

“Chicago Fire” approaches its second season on NBC. At the end of season one Casey is struggling due to the sudden death of Hallie. While trying to recover Casey finds peace in helping a group of children that he takes under his wing. When Shay’s recent attempt to get pregnant does not work out the pregnancy of Renee shocks Severide and Shay creating tensions between them.

“Modern Family” heads into its fifth season on ABC. At the end of Season 4 the Dunphy and Pritchett families went down to Florida for Phil’s mother’s funeral where Phil got to re-unite with his Father. In Season 5 Phil’s father (played by Fred Willard) is expected to have an increased role. Also, in season 5 we will see Jay and Gloria’s baby grow up a little more and watch the Dunphy’s try to help Haley get a job who was kicked out of college for underaged drinking during season 4.

“The Walking Dead” goes into its fourth season on AMC. One of the most watched shows on AMC, besides “Breaking Bad”, left off with the war between the Governor and Rick’s group, who hid out in a deserted prison. Rick, the main character, drives out the governor’s fighters with gunfire and booby traps. Angry, the governor gunned down all of his own people. Rick’s group couldn’t make it to Woodbury in time to save Andrea who died after taking her own life. Rick welcomes those from Woodbury into his group, but suspicions rise after there have been recent murders within the prison.

“The Blacklist” has many NBC viewers excited. James Spader, a three-time Emmy winner, returns to television as the bald Raymon “Red” Reddington, one of the FBI’s most wanted fugitives. He strikes a deal with the FBI to help them take down criminals on a blacklist that have escaped arrest. Reddington will only work with rookie FBI agent Elizabeth Keen (played by Megan Boone).

“The Crazy Ones” on CBS has much buzz due to the return of Robin Williams to television for the first time since he starred on the late 70’s sitcom “Mork & Mindy.” Williams plays Simon Roberts who runs the “Roberts & Roberts” advertising agency with his daughter Sydney (played my Sarah Michelle Gellar). Simon tends to bit a get kooky while his daughter is the more levelheaded one out of the two.

“The Goldbergs” on ABC takes viewers back to a simpler time – the 80’s. This sitcom follows the loud, sweater-wearing and rollerblading family, the Goldbergs. The cast is headed by Jeff Garlin as Murray Goldberg and Wendi McClendon-Covey as Beverly Goldberg.

“The Michael J. Fox Show” on NBC begins the much anticipated return of Michael J. Fox to television 13 years after leaving “Spin City.” Fox plays Mike Henry, a former news anchor who retired to focus on his Parkinson’s disease and his family. The show is mainly based on Fox’s life.