Edie’s April Picks

Edie Carneiro, Copy Editor

These past few months have been full of stress for finals and AP tests, so the month of April flashed before my eyes. However, among the chaos of group study sessions and 8 a.m. mock exams, these last months of school have brought some great things into my life. So, I figured it was better late than never to share my April picks. 

1. “Silo”

Ever since I began reading, I have been obsessed with dystopian science fiction books. Growing up, “Silo” was one of the main book series recommended to me. However, because I had a main plot point spoiled to me by accident, (thanks Dad!) I never ended up reading it. When the show came out, though, I figured I would give it a shot — and I am so glad I did. Episode one pulls you into the show with an intriguing setting, group of characters and overall plot. Episodes two and three continue the excitement and endless twists, and I cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store. 

2. Beabadoobee

I have known about Beabadoobee for a while now, but I never really listened to her music. That is until I attended Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. She was one of the openers at the show I attended and absolutely blew me away when she performed. In addition to wearing the coolest outfits, Beabadoobee’s music takes such a unique and fun perspective on alternative rock. My favorite songs are “10:36” and “Talk” — not exactly deep cuts, but are special to me because I heard them for the first time live. So, if you are looking for a girly twist on alt-rock right out of an early 2000s teen movie, I highly suggest checking her out.

3. Pinterest summer shopping

If having to prepare for two teen-tour style trips this summer has taught me one thing, it is that Pinterest is a lifesaver when it comes to summer shopping. I have always been a horrendous online shopper: I never know what websites to go on, what promo codes to use or where to find that chic new outfit I saw online. However, by using Pinterest to shop, I get entirely new wardrobes curated to my style handed to me, making it infinitely easier to find things I need. Shopping on Pinterest is not limited to clothing either; I have found countless gift ideas through Pinterest shopping. 

4. Olive and June press-on nails

Having thin nails and a habit of biting them, it is hard for me to get a good manicure. I have always wanted acrylics, but the threat of damage to my natural nails has prevented me from ever getting them. Olive and June press-on nails have been my savior in this situation, providing a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get that salon-style look. They come in countless colors and designs and have that perfect, natural aesthetic. You can get them at your local Target or on their website.

5. Offline by Aerie

While shopping at Boca Town Center a few weeks ago, I discovered my new favorite athleticwear brand: Offline by Aerie. Among other clothes, I bought the Crossover Flowy Shorts, and I live in them. They are so comfortable and cute, come in almost every color and are perfect for my Sunday morning bike rides. Additionally, almost the entire collection is currently 40% off, making it a perfect time to stock up for summer.