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Earth Day, Day 2: Politicians, Time to Step It Up On Climate Change

April 16, 2019


Climate change discussions in the government of multiple countries around the world highlight just how much people want climate change action. Those discussions, however, are not due to the willingness of politicians to adapt to change when needed. Any and all climate change action should remain attributed to the activists who work tirelessly against it in ensuring a future for themselves, the next generation and the rest of the world.

Greta Thunberg represents an excellent example of these activists. Only 16-years-old, Thunberg founded and leads a weekly climate change strike on the Swedish government. Instead of going to school on Fridays, she leads a group of students and workers in striking against the government and urges politicians to join the fight against climate change. She continually sacrifices her education each week, ensuring that politicians hear the voice of citizens, which remains more than any politician would be willing to do.

Many politicians in the U.S. still refuse to join the fight against climate change. This unwillingness for change can be attributed to one main thing remaining on one side of party lines. Whenever climate change, or any type of legislation for that matter, needs support from all members of Congress or Senate, it takes a tremendous amount of effort to get anyone from the opposing party to support the bill. The country has become so divided along party lines that many refuse to vote for anything coming from the opposite party. Instead of worrying so much about what their party would say, politicians should take into account the best interests of the citizens of the country.

Climate change deniers in the government reflect one of the biggest issues that slow the progress of getting meaningful climate change bills  passed. According to Earth and Space Science News, Representative Thomas Massie questioned former Secretary of State John Kerry at the U.S. House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform about his degree from Yale. Massie commented on Kerry’s degree in science, calling it and the topic of climate change discussed at the committee “pseudoscience.” The comment, irresponsible and ignorant at its core, shows the lack of knowledge regarding climate change.

All politicians should be held to a basic standard regarding their understanding of integral issues to the world. With less than 15 years left to stop climate change from causing irreparable damage to the Earth, it remains simply irresponsible for politicians to limit the will of their constituents. The truth remains the truth, the facts remain the facts. Climate change, whether politicians would like to admit it or not, will cause irreparable damage to the planet that cannot be fixed if action remains untaken. And though the issue of climate change has received more coverage in the news recently, politicians have not acted nearly enough to save this planet.

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