Do Your Part to End the Pandemic: Get the Vaccine


Isabel Lopez

Camryn Givens, 10th grade, with her first dose.

Nicole Markus, Editor-in-Chief

For the people waiting around for the “perfect moment” to get their COVID-19 vaccine, the time has come. The U.S. has enough doses so that realistically, one can make an appointment at their earliest convenience for any one of the three vaccines approved by the Food and Drug Administration for emergency use.

Many clear-cut reasons exist which support the decision to get the vaccine. The first and most obvious reason:the vaccine helps prevent transmission of the virus. However, if a fully vaccinated person does catch the virus, the vaccine also significantly reduces the severity of symptoms, meaning COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths among fully vaccinated individuals are extremely unlikely. Protecting oneself against this harmful and deadly virus should be everyone’s first priority.

Even if one feels unconcerned about the potential personal harm from the virus, one should worry about the people around them. The more vaccinated individuals in the population, the less likely that the virus may spread to vulnerable populations like the elderly and immunocompromised. There is a selflessness that comes with protecting the people around you.

Certain personal incentives for taking the vaccine exist. Most recently, the Centers for Disease Control announced a new recommendation: fully vaccinated individuals no longer have to wear a mask outside or inside in most cases. For those that disliked wearing a mask, getting the vaccine allows for a lot more freedom. Some countries will require vaccine passports to enter, so vaccines remain a must for anyone who wishes to travel overseas. And for college students, many schools plan and have announced that they require or heavily recommend vaccines to return to campus.

To move forward completely, enough members of the population must get their vaccine. Reaching herd immunity is the only way to move on from this pandemic that has changed the lives of so many, and it requires everyone to do the right thing and get the vaccine. The time has come: the danger of the virus has been long presented and well-documented, and the benefits of the vaccine far outweigh the potential slight unpleasantness of the experience.