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Day 5: Finding Offbeat Valentine’s Day Gifts

February 5, 2018

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and the gifts people tend to receive become more predictable each year. Sticking to the conventional chocolates, flowers and teddy bears might make a loved one happy, but something offbeat will keep them wondering what the next gift is. The items listed below  include some creative gifts that will bring surprise and laughter to people’s faces.

Cuddle pillow

Not always available? Gift this to someone who likes to cuddle anytime. This can also be gifted to that one friend always longing for a special someone.

Bald wipes

Watch your loved one’s  face fill with laughter and embarrassment once they open this gift. This is ideal for anyone whose hairline continues to recede or whose head sweats profusely and needs a little cleaning. These wipes help remove any dirt residue and moisturizes the head with essential oils.

Name A Cockroach

Find this memorable present at the Bronx Zoo, where people can purchase  certificates for naming cockroaches at a price of 15 dollars. Pins, socks and chocolates decorated with cockroaches are sold alongside the certificate. Any animal or nature lover may appreciate this gesture as a gift for Valentine’s day.

Custom temporary tattoos

Find relatable quotes, sayings or inside jokes that you can share with a significant other or friend. Custom temporary tattoos can be ordered online and shipped in advance to prepare for the special day. These tattoos makes it a personal and well-thought out gift.

Hearts Toilet Paper

This toilet paper roll is decorated with red hearts perfect for a special someone when using the toilet. The hearts symbolize one’s love for another but also keeps some amusement in Valentine’s Day.

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