Dance Away Homecoming Stereotype

Sabrina Catalan, copy editor

In the midst of a sea of couples chatting about their homecoming plans 24/7, it can become easy for some students to get swept up into the belief that they need to go to the dance with a date, as well. However, before they skeptically stare down their ticket and think of alternative ways to spend their Saturday night, students should wait and think. Are they really willing to turn down a night of fun just to keep up with a stereotype?

If the hesitation of going has to do with anticipating a lonely night, the great news is that students actually will not be alone. They can go with friends and, in turn, kick out all the stress that comes along with going with a date such as coordinating matching outfits or meeting parents.

Also, the hours leading up to the dance itself can be spent in ease. With the pressure of earnestly trying to impress a date off a student’s shoulders, they can instead laugh as they finish off their takeout pizza and make goofy faces as they apply their mascara at a friend’s house. Those Saturday football games don’t have to be missed either as friends can lounge on the couch and cheer in the living room together, waiting for dusk to fall.

And what is better than having only one person to reassure someone as they step into the hotel in their incredible choice of apparel? It is having their whole squad present to link their arms with or playfully elbow as they walk into the banquet hall all looking their finest.

In fact, going with friends is the absolute best because students do not have to second guess themselves or feel uncomfortable. Instead, they can just be themselves. They can enjoy their dinner without fussing about dabbing their mouth every five seconds with a napkin or laughing too loud. And chances are if someone goes with their friends, telling cheesy jokes won’t spell out embarrassment, only giggly humor.

And when that song comes on—the one a student and their friends have practically declared their personal anthem—bets can be made that they will crowd the dance floor together, busting out all the moves they (more or less) rehearsed.

So, for the people on the fence about going to homecoming solely because they don’t have a significant other, it is time for them to break away from the usual belief of having to attend dances with dates. Instead, students should take the empowering opportunity to be bold and independent. After all, it is their Big Fat Greek Homecoming!