Cross country races to victory

Cross country races to victory

Silas Saunders

DETERMINED FOR VICTORY: Freshman Daniel Seckinger, a member of the cross country team, fights forth during an early season meet. “I really don’t like to give up,” Seckinger said.

Azmae Fahmy, Staff Writer

Step forward; starting position, “gunshot,” GO!

The cross-country team dropped jaws this season.

“I have a team that is very dedicated and works extremely hard. As a result, both teams are always improving,” Coach Geimere Latimer said.

Districts were held on  November 5; the boys’ team qualified for regionals with the girls’ team came exceedingly close behind.

“They [the girls’ team] missed it by one spot, but they showed a lot of improvement,” Latimer said.

Following districts were regionals, which the boys excelled in and came in fourth place, taking them to states, where they proudly took home the title of 19th place.

“It’s a dream come true, I’ve coached a lot of different schools but this is the first year where I have a fully committed team with great work ethics, and a GPA average of above 4.0,” Latimer said.

The boys’ team had 22 wins and three losses, and the girls’ team is16 and 7.

“I think we’ve really stepped it up this season and done a great job!” sophomore Brittany Anderson said.

The season started in August and since then has been fulfilling ride for all of the team members.

“The team turned out to be much better than I expected. Everyone improved dramatically from the first race to the last race,” senior Tomas Green said. “I’m proud of the fact that in my senior year as captain, the team was able to do something we couldn’t do the last four years: make it to states.”