Criminal Minds Revival Rumored for Season 16

Nicole Markus, Editor-in-Chief

Fans of the wildly popular CBS show Criminal Minds rejoice: the show is rumored to be scheduled for a reboot after its original cancellation in 2020.

15 seasons of the FBI-themed show, which focused on a team of behavioral profilers hunting down some of the world’s most evil killers and criminals, drew in huge crowds of fans who fell in love with the show and its characters.

After Criminal Minds’ cancellation in 2020, many called for a reboot for an additional couple of seasons. Now, it looks as though fans will get at least one more: CBS has hinted at a new season coming out in the next few years.

Though it remains unclear what exactly the new season focuses on, many believe that it will include ten episodes and will highly revolve around one case. Typically, each episode of the show includes the team focusing on a different case, so this change should bring some interesting new depth of detail in the case the team follows.

CBS has also yet to confirm which of the members of the team plan on returning for Season 16. Several of the actors, including Thomas Gibson (Aaron Hotchner), Ben Savage (Jason Gideon) and Kirsten Vangsness (Penelope Garcia), previously left the show for a variety of reasons, making their return unlikely. However, of the remaining members of the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit, none of them have confirmed or denied their return as of yet.

Rumors have swirled about the season since little details have been revealed. One of the biggest rumors includes social media star and science educator Hank Green. A now debunked article circulated the internet claiming Green would join the cast for Season 16, a rumor that he took to TikTok to deny. 

Though the network nor the cast have confirmed any official details, fans have begun to get extremely excited for the reboot of the show that they watched for close to 15 years. More details should come with time.